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WPC ETA certification | Importance | Documents | How to apply | Validity

What is WPC ETA certification & why is it important ?

The WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) Department, part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is a national broadcaster established in 1952 and currently run by the online portal Saral Sanchar. Products with radio and/or wireless capabilities that are imported or manufactured and sold in India require an Equipment Type Approval Certificate (ETA Certificate) from the Wireless Planning and Coordination Directorate (WPC India), Ministry of Communications, Government of India. 

These include products with Bluetooth, wireless LAN access technology (Wi-Fi), small digital radio (Zigbee), radio frequency identification (RFID), and more. If you want to run a wireless device business in India, you need a WPC certificate. Manufacturers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices are required to obtain a WPC license (ETA certificate) from the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing of India.

Products covered under WPC ETA (Equipment Type Approval) Certificate

  • Mandatory requirements for all wireless products (transceivers, transmitters, receivers) and GPS products such as Bluetooth wireless watches.
  • Wireless water heater.
  • Wireless home appliances, wireless car radios, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and readers.
  • Wireless medical products, laptops, mobile phones, wireless mice and keyboards for patient profiling. remote entry keys, wireless headphones and/or headphones, wireless music players, and other radio frequency modules.

Government fee & validity of the WPC ETA certificate

Govt. Fee for WPC ETA certificate is Rs.10.000/- and the entire process takes a minimum 30 days from the date of the payment of the govt. fee. The validity of the WPC ETA certificate is lifetime.

List of the documents required to apply for WPC ETA certificate

  • Company incorporation certificate.
  • GST and MSME registration.
  • ID and address proof of authorized person.
  • Radio frequency test report from IS0 17025 accredited foreign lab or any NABL accredited Indian Lab
  • Letter of Authorization.
  • Technical specification of the products.
  • IEC code, in case of import.
  • Address proof of the company i.e rent agreement or lease deed or ownership deed etc.
  • Images of the products.
  • Test report (CE/RoHS/ASTM/EN).

Step by step procedure to apply for WPC ETA certificate

  • Checking of EN Standard applicable on the product, and proceed for RF-Testing from NABL approved labs.
  • Preparation of the documents.                 
  • Filing of the application on the Saral Sanchar portal for login credentials.    
  • Online Payment of Government Fee.                     
  • Verification of the documents and RF test report by the WPC officials. 
  • Grant of WPC ETA Certificat

Types of WPC (Equipment Type Approval) certification

  • License to the importers of wireless products to sell them in India.
  • License to the Indian manufacturers of the wireless products to sell them in India.
  • License to the organizations to use the nation’s restricted radio frequency capacity such as mobile networks, cable, and DTH etc.

Importance of WPC ETA (Equipment Type Approval) certification

  • Avoids hassle during the customs clearance of the import of wireless products.
  • Maintaining national security.
  • Preventing frequency insertion.
  • Ensure the import and manufacturing of better quality devices.

Important points related to WPC ETA Certification

  • ETA verifies that the device complies with all applicable regulations regarding safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and use of the radio frequency spectrum.
  • ETA certification is often required for certain wireless products to be imported, sold, or used in certain countries or regions.
  • Accredited laboratories test and evaluate devices to ensure performance, safety, and compliance with technical specifications.
  • Technical specifications, test results and certification requests from importers must be accompanied by the necessary documentation and other information.
  • During the update process, your equipment will be retested to ensure it meets requirements. Once approved, a new certificate will be issued.
  • ETA certification enables importers and manufacturers to gain access to the market by demonstrating compliance with legal requirements and high performance standards.
  • Certified devices may carry markings of conformity, such as certification labels or emblems, indicating compliance with relevant standards.
  • Due to each regulatory authority’s unique standards and procedures, ETA requirements and processes may vary by country or region.

Eligibility Criteria for WPC ETA (Equipment Type Approval) certification

  • This may be an individual, a corporation, a partnership, a limited liability company (LLP), a corporation, or a government agency.
  • Authorized agents represent applicants during the certification process. This person must be authorized to process requests and interact with the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) department.
  • The product or machine for which certification is requested must meet the relevant technical requirements of the WPC. These standards may vary depending on the device and application.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory standards, including those set by the WPC regarding security, electromagnetic compatibility and efficient use of spectrum.
  • WPC requires applicants to provide complete and accurate documentation.
  • A WPC-approved laboratory is required to perform equipment testing and evaluation. Tests are performed to determine if the device is functional, safe, and meets technical standards.
  • Please note that certification requirements may vary by certification type and device category.

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