Max Solution Consulting Services

We describe ourselves as a certification, compliance, and licensing consulting firm. We support the business needs of manufacturers and importers around the world. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, government policies and procedures, and the roles of various government agencies. Our excellent experience in this field helps us provide high quality services and innovative solutions to our customers. We assist our customers with application preparation, documentation and product development.

Our Services

We help manufacturers and importers obtain the required certifications such as BIS License, BIS certification for toys, BIS certification for footwear, BIS CRS program for electronic and IT products, EPR, LMPC, WPC, BEE and CE, EN, Hallmark certifications to sell their products in India and overseas markets i.e. import and export of products. We serve domestic and international customers. Long-term commitment, customer-centric philosophy and empowering entrepreneurship are our core values and the principles that drive us.

Why Max Solution

We are dedicated, dependable, reliable, and time and cost efficient. Our services are based on knowledge that few others can match. Adjust all parameters. Ensure compliance and get the job done. As part of our commitment to customer confidentiality, we are committed to the highest professional standards to protect confidential. We have all the resources and expertise to meet all the certification requirements. We directly coordinate with the officials and testing laboratories to ensure appropriate follow-ups.

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