BIS Certification for Lithium-ion Battery

BIS Certification for Lithium-ion Battery

As per the BIS Act, 2016 and the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Rules, 2018, the procedure for applying for BIS certification for lithium-ion batteries is regulated (Scheme II in Annexure II). The program aims to protect Indian customers from fraudulent and substandard products while supporting fast-growing electronics and information technology companies.

A standard mark with a unique registration number obtained from BIS must be used on all products manufactured, held for sale, imported, sold and distributed. IS 16270:2014 applies to BIS certification of lithium-ion batteries. Businesses that distribute, sell, or handle lithium-ion batteries must separately register for BIS Scheme II lithium-ion battery certification.

List of documents required to apply BIS certification for lithium-ion battery IS 16720 : 2014

  • Identity proof and PAN card of authorized signer
  • Brand authorization letter (only if the brand is declared as the property of a third party).
  • GST registration certificate
  • Brand name or trademark registration for MSME certificate
  • CEO/General Manager/Plant Manager approval to complete and sign Form 1
  • Manufacturer commercial license (English and original country language), domain, email address, and manufacturer number
  • AIR An authorization letter from the company’s CEO/senior management to the signatory authorized to sign and execute the affidavit.
  • Raw materials/ingredients, model and serial number. The same goes for product images.
  • Product technical specifications

Procedure for approval of the test Report before filling Form I:

  • Log in to the CRS website using your existing credentials.
  • Click “Submit Tests and Samples” on your dashboard.
  • Go to “Inspection Report (within 90 days)” list
  • Click on the test request number to view details
  • The test report can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.
  • After checking, click “Confirm and Confirm”.
  • Note that test reports are not selectable in Form I until you click Check and Verify for the test report.

Important points related to BIS certification for Lithium-ion Battery:

  • Separate registration number for products manufactured at different location
  • Separate registration number for products having different Brand name at same location
  • Common test report feasible if products and manufacturing location are same
  • Hard copies of application submitted within 15 days of online submission.
  • Model affidavit cum undertaking to be furnished by manufacturer located in India
  • Registration number and words shall not be less than Arial font size 6
  • Standard mark can be displayed in single color or multicolor
  • Standard mark shall be readable and non removable

STEP BY STEP Procedure to apply BIS certification for Lithium-ion Battery

  • Go to Manak online CLICK HERE
  • Create USER ID & Password
  • Generate test request
  • Submission of application with requisite documents
  • Payment of Govt. fee
  • Submission of hard copies of Form 1 along with duly filled, sealed, signed and notarized affidavit to BIS through Speed Post/ Registered Post/ Courier
  • Scrutiny of application by BIS officials
  • In case all the set Indian Standards according to BIS Standards for Lithium-ion battery are met, A BIS certification will be issued for the Applicant.
  • Grant of BIS license to manufacturer 

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