BIS Certification for Smart Watches

BIS Certification for Smart Watches

According to the BIS Act 2016, the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulation, 2018, governs the procedure to apply for BIS certification for a smartwatch (Scheme II of Schedule II). The program aims to protect Indian customers against fraudulent and subpar goods while assisting the rapidly expanding electronic and information technology businesses.

A standard mark with a BIS-obtained unique registration number must be used on all products that are produced, stored for sale, imported, sold, or distributed. IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010 is applicable on BIS certification for smartwatches. Each company that distributes, sells, or otherwise transacts in smart watches must register separately for BIS Certification for smartwatches under Scheme II. 

Documents required to apply BIS certification for Smart Watch IS 13252(Part 1) : 2010

  • ID and PAN card of authorized signatory
  • Brand authorization letter (only when the brand is declared as owned by Others).
  • GST Registration certificate
  • MSME certificate Brand Name or trademark registration
  • Authorization from factory CEO/MD/Head for filling and signing Form-1
  • Manufacturer’s Business License (in English & Origin country language) Manufacturer’s Domain, email and number
  • Authorization letter from CEO/top management of AIR firm towards the authorized signatory for signing and executing affidavit.
  • Raw Materials/Components Model No. and Series No. along with the images of products
  • Technical specification of the products 

Approving Test Report before filling Form I:

  • Login to CRS website using your existing credential
  • On your dashboard, click on ‘Testing and Sample submission
  • Go to the list for ‘Test Report (within 90 Days)
  • Click on Test Request number to view details
  • Test Report can be downloaded from the link provided towards the end of the page
  • Once reviewed, kindly click on ‘Review & Verify
  • Kindly note that the test report will become available for selection in Form I only after you have clicked on Review & Verify’ for the Test Report

Important points related to BIS certification for Smart Watches :

  • Separate registration number for products manufactured at different location
  • Separate registration number for products having different  Brand name at same location
  • Common test report feasible if products and manufacturing  location are same
  • Hard copies of application submitted within 15 days of online submission.
  • Model affidavit cum undertaking to be furnished by manufacturer located in India
  • Registration number and words shall not be less than Arial font size 6
  • Standard mark can be displayed in single color or multicolor
  • Standard mark shall be readable and non removable

STEP BY STEP Procedure to apply BIS certification for Smart Watches :

  • Go to Manak online 
  • Create USER ID & Password
  • Generate test request
  • Submission of application with requisite documents
  • Payment of Govt. fee
  • Submission of hard copies of Form 1 along with duly filled, sealed, signed and notarized affidavit to BIS through Speed Post/ Registered Post/ Courier
  • Scrutiny of application by BIS officials
  • In case all the set Indian Standards according to BIS Standards for smart watches are met, A BIS certification will be issued for the Applicant.
  • Grant of BIS license to manufacturer 

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